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Video Surveys

Combining the highly experienced analysis staff and the latest technological camera and recording equipment, Auto Surveys Ltd can undertake the most complicated of junction counts or gyratory systems without compromising on accuracy and quality whilst at the same time providing our clients with superb value for money. Whether you require a simple priority junction or a complicated registration plate survey using ANPR cameras Auto Surveys Ltd can accommodate your survey specifications. 


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Auto Surveys Ltd employs the only very best enumerators to undertake manual counts and surveys.  With staff located throughout the UK we are not only the best equipped company geographically but also in terms of experience. All staff are trained and supervised by senior enumerators to ensure accurate data collection.  Enumerators are often utilised on surveys where there is no substitute for manual input, such as queue lengths, JTS, radar speed surveys or parking beat surveys. This is where Auto Surveys Ltd stands out from the crowd. 


Call us to see how we can provide you with cost effective survey data.


Using some of the latest speed survey equipment to gather data has helped Auto Surveys Ltd to become renowned for the accuracy of their data. Whether you wish us to use standard radar or the latest in laser technology Auto Surveys Ltd can undertake most types of speed survey anywhere around the country.

Our personnel have been trained in the use of the hand held devices and can quickly undertake speed surveys as part of a larger survey should speed data be required.


Using some of the latest in technological advances in Automatic Traffic Count (ATC) hardware and software Auto Surveys Ltd ensures they can provide robust data to their clients in the formats they can use for both long term and short term contacts. Auto Surveys Ltd is able to provide direction data (where appropriate) from simple volumetric counts up to classified counts.  In addition, classified speed surveys can also be undertaken.  Data is presented in Excel™ format but can be tailored to your requirements.

Automatic Traffic Counter

Auto Surveys Ltd undertakes a high number of journey time surveys each year.  The method adopted varies and is tailored to suit the clients own specification.  Whether we use GPS, video or manual methods to collect data, you can be confident that the standards we adopt are of a very high standard.  All personnel are briefed to the collection requirements and all data is thoroughly checked before being presented to our clients.

Journey Time Surveys

Auto Surveys Ltd employs the best methodology for collecting pedestrian count data. Whether that be video or by manual means, our clients can be confident that data is counted as accurately and efficiently as possible. Auto Surveys Ltd has undertaken a wide variety of pedestrian surveys varying from simple crossing points to bus and rail stations to international airports and are well placed to undertake pedestrian surveys anywhere in the UK.

Pedestrian Surveys

Auto Surveys Ltd can offer parking surveys by many means including basic in/out counts at each entrance to accumulation counts by zone or areas. Segregation of types such as parent and child, disabled, etc, can be accommodated easily as can our clients particular specifications.  In addition it is sometimes required to undertake beat surveys at periodic intervals. Auto Surveys Ltd is well placed for this, having repeatedly worked extensively for some of the largest supermarket chains in the UK.  In short, whatever type of survey is required Auto Surveys Ltd is able to help with the design of survey specifications thus ensuring the right data is collected by the right means using the right tools.

Parking Surveys

Auto Surveys Ltd ensures that all data goes through rigorous checks prior to its release to clients. Once site work is complete (whether by video, manual or automated means) data undergoes the first of many checks to ensure that nothing is missing and that it is ordered for analysis and reported in accordance with the client’s requirements. Any issues that come to light during this process will be advised to our clients so that they can be kept up to date throughout the survey progress.  Auto Surveys Ltd provides comprehensive survey reports including detailed aspects of the survey and maps showing survey locations. Technical notes would also be shown where relevant to include anything that may have influenced the survey data. Again clients are informed of any eventuality that materially affects the survey before any analysis is undertaken giving the opportunity to alter specifications by agreement.

Video footage is transcribed by our highly trained and experienced personnel with work checked for count and classification accuracy. Auto Surveys Ltd takes the provision of data very seriously and thus training of personnel is undertaken at regular intervals to ensure that they are up to date with any variations to classification requirements and also to act as a refresher throughout their employment. All analysis personnel are overseen by experienced supervisors. This ensures that a high level of accuracy and efficiency is maintained.

A thorough survey analysis manual, produced in-house, is constantly updated to reflect the latest updates of client’s specifications and industry standards. This includes vehicle classifications, data checking procedures, analysis reporting tabulation sheets plus any other information as required to undertake and maintain the high standards that Auto Surveys Ltd employ.  Data will be initially reported in Microsoft Excel™ format although other formats are available if required.

Data Analysis
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